Winter 2020

Meetings in 2608 Haven, University of Michigan, at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated

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10 Jan   Planning Session
17 Jan   Joshua Cole, "Remembering the Battle of Paris" link
24 Jan   Jonathan Marwil, Discussion of Battle of Midway and To the Shores of Iwo Jima
31 Jan   Juan Cole on Iran
7 Feb   Discussion of 1917, dir. Sam Mendes
14 Feb   Elliott Woods on Iraq
21 Feb   Bruce Zellers, "Postwar Civil Defense in the United States and the USSR" link
28 Feb   Bob Donia, "Writing and Reading Biographies: The Life of Radovan Karadzic"
6 Mar   No Session: Winter Break
13 Mar   CANCELED - Discussion of John Hersey, Hiroshima and Mary McCarthy, "The Hiroshima 'New Yorker,'" Politics 3 (1946) 367 link
20 Mar   CANCELED - Larrie D. Ferreiro, "The Technology of Armed Oceangoing Ships and the Rise of Overseas Empires"
27 Mar   CANCELED - Erik Austin, "Celebrities as Soldiers ... or Not"
10 Apr   CANCELED - Stanley Shapiro, TBA
17 Apr   CANCELED - On "Unrestricted US Submarine Warfare"